Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Becoming a member of of CSA is making a commitment to a farm to consume their locally grown food.  Buying and eating locally grown food means less fossil fuel consumption, less trucking of food to stores, less packaging, less processing, and the food is fresher, more nutritious and it tastes better!  You know who grows your food and we know who is eating it andthe money stays local!

How Does It Work?

Anyone can shop at our farm stand, but members pay $300 up front and have $330 credit to shop at the farm stand for anything we sell:  organic berries, organic vegetables, bedding plants and cut flowers.  Members will be issued a card, similar to a gift card, for keeping track of thier credit used and remaining credit.  Members can add more credit to their card at $100 increments at any point in the season and $110 credit will be added to their card.

Members are responsible for using up their credit by Halloween.  There is no carry-over of credit to the following year unless you join again by paying the full membership the next year, regardless of the amount of carry-over.  We offer bulk storage crops at wholesale prices in October to help you use up your credit.

Why Do It?

We love the membership because it encourages the community to shop locally and provides opportunities for community interaction.  It also provides our farm with some up-front revenue to help reduce the amount we have to borrow from the bank each year, and we pass the savings in interest on to our members through the 10% extra credt.

How Do I SignUp?

Returning members can simply pop a check in the mail.   New members can print the form below and mail with your check to River Berry Farm.  There is no deadline to join, but earlier is better for us, say by March 1st.  Payment can be made in three installments with the last  installment by May 1st.  We would be happy to answer any questions.

To sign up, you can click on this pdf file, print, fill in and mail with your check:

CSA Sign Up Form


OR, copy and paste the following, print, fill in and mail with your check:

River Berry Farm CSA Sign-Up Form

_____  Basis Membership:  $ 300

Entitles members to $330credit to shop at the Farm Stand for Bedding Plants, Organic Strawberries, Organic Raspberries and Organic Vegetables throughout the season, May 1st – Halloween. You can share a membership with another household, but we request one member is the “contact”.

_____  Optional Installment:  $100

Pay your basic membership in three installments:  $100 by March 1st, $100 by April 1st, and the last $100 by May 1st for a total of $300.

Name: ______________________________________________



Email Address: _____________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________________

Amount Enclosed:  $______________   All fees are non-refundable.

Please make checks payable and mail to:

River Berry Farm     191 Goose Pond Road    Fairfax, VT    05454

Note to returning members:  We can “reload” your old card with credit if you still have it or let us know if you need a new card.

Have old card: #000000000____________    Need a new card?  _______